Our Policies and Procedures will be discussed in more detail when registering your child. Here is a brief outline of just some of them;


Child Protection & Safeguarding

The welfare and safety of your child is our highest priority. We use the Government guidance ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018’ to ensure that we are safeguarding children effectively. All practitioners receive regular updated Safeguarding training. The Safeguarding Officers for Footprints Childcare are Sophie Hirst¬†and Haley Thornton.


Health & Safety

In the interest of health and safety we ask that you do not bring your child to nursery wearing jewellery. Should your child be unwell, we ask that they do not attend nursery. We can administer both prescribed and unprescribed medicines at nursery, e.g. Calpol, eye drops for conjunctivitis etc. The medicines must be unopened and you must sign a consent form for each medicine you bring.


Equal Opportunities & British Values

All children will be provided with the same opportunities as each other. Footprints will ensure that toys, activities, equipment, snacks and practitioners reflect this approach. We aim to learn about all cultures and religion at nursery and welcome any support from parents/carers and the local community.


Special Educational Needs

Practitioners are aware that each child requires individual care, needs and attention and will ensure that these needs are met and that every child is included. The SENCo for Footprints Childcare is Catherine Deegan. She works with parents/carers, children and practitioners providing care and support and she liaises with other professionals when necessary.


Toilet Training

Practitioners are happy to change your child’s nappy/underwear when necessary. Help and advice is readily available from your child’s key person when they are ready to be toilet trained.