Foodbank parcels are available from Footprints for people local to Buttershaw thanks to our friends at Wyke Christian Council of Churches. They are a Trussel Trust Foodbank who support similar groups all around the UK. A Footprints parcel can be topped up with Fruit and Veg and a small emergency loan for fuel credit thanks to the generosity of members of Buttershaw Baptist Church.Wyke Trussel Trust Foodbank 

Buttershaw Baptist Church

Nobody knows what life is going to have for them just around the corner. People from all walks of life can find themselves in difficult situations that they hadn’t planned for or expected or that they simply cannot do anything about. It is fantastic to be able to work with others and provide for people when they are in need. Foodbank is one way that makes a really big difference when that need is greatest.


Before asking for a Foodbank parcel, first make an appointment with the Advice Service and ask for a Footprints Foodbank parcel. Footprints only keep a small number of parcels and we do not guarantee their availability.  A person can have up to 3 Trussell Trust parcels in a 12 month period. Another small loan for fuel credit can be given if the previous loan was repaid.


Where and When for Foodbank?

  • Monday to Friday 10:00am until 3:00pm at Family Centre (BD6 3PZ)


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