Footprints Family Centre loves Buttershaw! For many people Buttershaw¬† is a great place to live in Bradford. There is a strong sense of community and people quickly rally round to help one another when it is needed. However, Buttershaw is recognised within the UK to be a community in need. We believe that Footprints Family Centre’s place within this community is to do what individuals can’t in demonstrating a very practical love for the community with activities and services that make life on Buttershaw better:

  • Offer large spaces that are well managed for groups to meet
  • Put on a range of activities that provide social opportunities for anyone on this estate to meet others.
  • Create opportunities for people to volunteer, train and work
  • Run great childcare that provides high quality pre-school education and wrap around care for children whose parents work
  • Support people in great need
  • Work with others to tackle some of the bigger issues on the estate like affordable housing.

Family Centre (The Crescent, BD6 3PZ)

We rent our largest building from Buttershaw Baptist Church. Childcare has dedicated space that it occupies Mon to Fri 7.45am to 5.45pm. We run community activities each day at different times Mon to Fri. On Sundays, we leave the building alone for Buttershaw Baptist Church to use.


Bedale Centre (Bedale Drive, BD6 3ST)

The Bedale Centre is owned by In-Communities and we agreed with Bradford Council to manage it as a community centre which we have continued to do. The Bedale Centre has a busy evening programme of events, but there is still some space if other groups want to use a room for an evening. We are also interested to hear more of what activities our community would like to have on. We can’t promise to find or fund every request but we will gladly look into it! Popular activities from the Bedale Centre include Scouts, Bingo, Exercise Classes, After School club and lunch club.


Cooperville Centre (Bellerby Brow, BD6 3JY)

We were really fortunate in being able to buy the old Cooperville and Buttershaw Methodist Church in 2014. With the help of Bradford Council we have been able to refurbish this space into childcare and more community space. The Eden Team use the downstairs hall of this building for youth work on a Friday night.