Our board of trustees are committed to overseeing the work of Footprints and serving our community:

  • Janet Swift (Chairperson) – janet@buttershawfootprints.org.uk
  • Joan Parker (Treasurer) – joan@buttershawfootprints.org.uk
  • Maz Humphries – maz@buttershawfootprints.org.uk
  • Helen Rawlings (Secretary) – helen@buttershawfootprints.org.uk
  • Tony Dylak – tony@buttershawfootprints.org.uk

Our senior management team work closely together with our large team of staff and volunteers to ensure Footprints remains relevant to the needs of our community:

  • Mandy Welch – Centre Manager – mandy@buttershawfootprints.org.uk
  • Will Martel – Operations Manager – will@buttershawfootprints.org.uk

If you would like to find out how you can get involved as a Trustee or volunteer at the Footprints Family Centre then please contact one of our management team, or our Trustees directly using their email address or call our main office on 01274 690 262.